Drop In Tubs -No Flange

                                No Flange-Rim Top                          STOCK SIZES  ((this page is under construction))

  Hig001  * 8" Deep x 30"Diameter  No Flange  Stainless Steel                                 Ships UPS         

  Hig002  *8" Deep x 30" Diameter No Flange  Mild Steel No Paint                          Ships UPS

  Hig003  *8"Deep  x 36"Diameter No Flange  Stainless Steel                                     Ships UPS

  Hig004 *8 Deep x 36" Diameter No Flange Mild Steel  No Paint                              Ships UPS

Hig005    Hig0011  * 12" Deep x 30"Diameter  No Flange  Stainless Steel    Ships UPS

Free Standing Fire Pit Tubs With Welded Bottom Plates

Fire Pit Tub Brick Liners With & With Out Bottom Plates