Custom Fire Pit Covers-Spark Screens stainless steel fire pit insert.    
Higley's frill-less, hi carbon or stainless steel fire pits and inserts are available in 47 sizes/shapes plus custom built fire pit liners. The mainly 7-gauge steel pits (round, square, or hexagonal) come in a variety of heights and widths, and feature open bottoms for use either on top of or buried in the ground, or full bottoms that have variety of optional leg sizes.Our free standing fire pits are used for wood or gas.We offer a hand full of cooking attachments plus a swing away cooking grate affixed to a vertical pipe for adjusting height and alignment, and a full-on grill stand with two cooking grates, adjustable pot holders, and even a battery-powered rotisserie.

We make stainless steel and mild steel fire pit liners. 12" 14" and 16" deep.  Our swing away grills are made from stainless steel and 23" diameter.They fit a weber grill cover perfect for those who want controlled heat when out door  cooking.We have a few different types of grill plates to choose from.

Metal Conical Shaped Fire Pit Covers


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                                                                  CONICAL SHAPED FIRE PIT SNUFF COVER
 Our conical shaped fire pit cover works well for both wood or gas fire pits. Keeps water,leaves,debris,rain,snow,and animals out of your campfire ring.
Made from 14 gauge carbon steel,the center pitch height is 6" tall. Top wt capacity is 300 lbs.
We use  Tough Coat hi temp powder coat finish, All parts as acid washed and dipped before the coating is applied.We have had no problems with this finish and it will stand the test of times under normal use.The black trim you shown was originally used to protect the edging during shipment but most users leave it on and it holds up well.
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Custom Fire Pit Covers-spark Screens Stainless Steel Fire Pitinsert.

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38-3/4"" Conical Cover - Bronze Hammer Finish

$299.00 plus $79.00

GRILL A                            GRILL B

35" Conical Cover -Bronze Hammer Finish

​$279.00 plus 79.00 ups

Conical Cone Metal Fire PIt Covers Shipped To The Following States. California, Alabama, Florida,  Illinois,  Kentucky,  Massachusetts,  Missouri,  New Hampshire,  North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska, Colorado,California,Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York,   North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee Virginia, Wyoming, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii ,Iowa, Main, Minnesota,Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Kansas Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada ,New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina,Utah, West Virginia.Austin,Dallas,San Antonio,Chicago,Minneapolis,St Paul,Rochester,Duluth,Brainerd,Fargo,Grand Forks,Des Moines,Souix Falls,Portland,Seattle,Boise,Bozeman,Billings,Cleveland,Madison,Milwaukee,Cape Cod,

38-3/4" Conical Cover Stainless Steel

​304 stainless steel.

                                          Heavy Duty Folding Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Cover.                     

                                 Made from Type 409 Stainless Steel. 3" wide Stainless Steel   Hinge.

34 3/4" Conical Cover Stainless Steel

​304 Stainless Steel.

Made From Type 304 "No Rust" Stainless Steel.35"    38-3/4"  Ships ups ground   40" Ships UPS Oversize

47" Ships LtL Freight   (40" and 47" Call To Order)

Our new swivel grills are 22" in diameter and will fit a Weber grill cover for slow temp control.This model grill frame  is made from 100% 304 food grade stainless steel. Grills are optional and we have a variety of cook tops.

Vist our grill page on this website for more information and pricing.



Custom fire pit covers-spark screens,fire pit spark screens

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42" Stainless Steel Cover

Ships Oversize UPS

                                                         CUSTOM BUILT STAINLESS STEEL FIRE PIT SCREENS

We offer the largest selection of  center pivot,double door,dome shaped ember screens in the US and Canada.

Folds in half using a continuous 3" welded stainless steel hinge. Made from type 409 stainless steel.Shipped with rubber trim edges to prevent shipping damage. You leave it on but may come off with time. We can build you any custom size cover you need,just contact us. 34" 36" 40"48" 52" Any custom size made to order.


Minnesota made custom stainless steel fire pit safety screens,fire pit rings,insert,liner. Custom and stock sizes conical and folding snuff covers.

42" Diameter Bronze Hammer Finish

$359.00 plus $149.00 LTL Freight

      Minnesota fire pits stainless steel metal fire pit ring        

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Covers.Made type 304 Stainless Steel. Reflects water and snow.Keeps leaves,branches and rodents away.Strong enough to walk on.Stock Sizes plus any custom size up to 46".Stainless Steel or Mild Carbon steel with high temp powder coat.

Aluminum Bright Tread Plate Fire Pit Cover. Ideal for wood or gas fire pits.1/8" thick aluminum.Handles included.6 sizes plus custom. 36" 40" 44"  Custom sizes available.

36" $180.00  Ship $39.00     40" 219.00  Ship $49.00    44" $289.00 Ships Over Size $69.00

36" Cover                                                 40" Cover                                                  44" Cover